Glass, plastic and textiles


For collecting used glass, (underground) glass containers have been placed at convenient locations throughout Wageningen. You can bring your empty glass jars and bottles to these locations and place them in the container according to colour: green (groen), brown (bruin) and clear (wit).

These glass containers are only for single-use jars and bottles which do not have a deposit. Do not try to place large glass objects or sheets of glass in the containers. Moreover, for reasons of safety, these objects may not be placed next to the container.

You can bring large glass objects and glass sheets to the waste collection station at Nudepark 77. Bottles with deposit, lids and corks, mirrors, pottery, window glass, light bulbs and crystal should not be placed in this container.


(Underground) containers are available near most supermarkets and at the waste collection station for the disposal of unwanted textiles (clothing, shoes, sheets, etc.).

A house-to-house collection also takes place tow times a year. Special textile bags are distributed before these collections. On pick-up day you can place the bag next to the waste containers at your apartment complex of house.

Plastic & Metal packaging and Drink cartons (PMD)

You can separate plastic packaging (such as bottles, tubes, plastic bags, butter tubs), cans and cartons from general waste. PMD collection containers have been placed throughout the city. You can bring your plastic packaging waste to these locations and place them in the container.

Low-rise buildings have a wheelie bin for PMD. This is picked up on Wednesday mornings after 07:30 hours (once in three weeks). Find out when your wheelie bin will be collected: First screen is in Dutch. After entering your post code and house number, it is possible to select English.

The plastic that you provide for collection (preferably slightly compacted) can be unwashed and the lid/top can be left on. It is, however, important that the packaging material is empty and that no paper, cardboard or (aluminium) foil is left on or in it. Note: this only concerns plastic packaging waste. Do not mix this with other plastic products as this will impact upon the recycling options for the collected waste.

As a result, the plastic packaging waste can be recycled after it has been collected. Recycling plastic waste provides the raw materials for new plastic packaging. It also provides materials for the production of other items such as flooring, tennis balls, car materials, golf balls and fleece clothing: from waste to raw materials!

PMD yes/no