Chemical waste and electrical equipments

Household chemical waste includes objects and substances that are hazardous for people and the environment, such as batteries, old lamps, medicines, paint, solvents and motor oil. You can bring chemical waste to the waste collection station.


Chemical waste is also collected with the Milieubus (chemical waste collection bus). The Milieubus is present every Wednesday morning near the market on the Walstraat (10.00 - 12.30 hrs).


The Milieubus also collects small electrical appliances and deep-frying oil.


Used batteries can be disposed of in the battery boxes in supermarkets and other shops.

Electrical equipments

Household appliances and consumer electronics are large and small electrical equipments, also battery-powered.


Small household appliances, such as mixers, electric toothbrushes and irons can be taken to the Milieubus, the waste collection station, Gamma or to the supplier of a new appliance of the same type. The supplier is required to accept the old appliance when you purchase a new one.


Large electrical appliances can be returned to the supplier of a new appliance of the same type, or left at a repair facility if the repair is unsuccessful. You can also bring them to the waste collection station, or have them picked up by ACV once a month. The collection service works by appointment. Call 0318-648160.


You can also bring electrical equipments in good condition to Emmaus Regenboog, Heerenstraat 9.