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Alderman Maud Hulshof

Wethouder Maud Hulshof

Alderman Maud Hulshof is responsible for:

  • Economy, tourism
  • Work and income
  • Asylum and integration
  • Project officer, inner city (Vrijheidskwartier, Stadsgracht)
  • Culture and cultural education (including local broadcasting station)
  • Cultural history, heritage, municipal archive
  • Food Valley region
  • Food, food transition and circularity
  • Business locations (Born Oost, BSWP, Nude, Nude 2, Haven, Campus development)
  • Grebbedijk

Maud Hulshof is a member of D66.

Unpaid additional functions that are connected to being an alderman

  • Member of Regio FoodValley General Management
  • Member of Regio FoodValley Daily Management
  • Member of Learning and Working Regio Foodvalley
  • Member of Living Lab Regio FoodValley circular
  • Member of STAM-tafel Regio FoodValley
  • Shareholder authorised Afvalcombinatie De Vallei
  • Board member, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) Science Shop
  • Member Foodvalley NL platform
  • Member Economic Board Region Foodvalley

Unpaid additional functions that are not connected to being an alderman

  • Member of supervisory committee AEISEC Wageningen
  • Member of Social Council Keygene

Speaking with the alderman

You can request a meeting with the alderman through its secretary: Annouck van Oosten. Call (0317) 49 25 03 of or send an e-mail to