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Alderman Guido van Vulpen

Wethouder Guido van Vulpen

Alderman Finance & Operations, Health, Youth, WMO & Livelihoods, Diversity and Democratic Renewal

  • Finance
  • Welfare (preventive help and support), care and Public health (GGD, GGZ)
  • Youth, youth care
  • WMO
  • Security of livelihood
  • Social security
  • Diversity
  • Democratic renewal
  • Real estate
  • Staff & organization (P&O)
  • Communication and information
  • Information and automation, digitalisation, privacy and information security
  • Public affairs, hospitable town hall
  • 1st Deputy Mayor

Guido van Vulpen is a member of GroenLinks.

Speaking with the alderman

You can request a meeting with the alderman through his secretary: Gwendolyn Phielix. Call. (0317) 49 29 19 or send an e-mail to