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Alderman Erik-Jan Bijleveld

Wethouder Erik-Jan Bijleveld

Alderman Sustainability & Climate, Landscape & Green and Mobility

  • Environmental vision, Implementation of the Environment Act
  • Nature, greenery, landscape and agriculture
  • Coordinating alderman for sustainability
  • Climate adaptation
  • Climate policy and energy transition (large scale generation, RES)
  • Environmental policy (including Enkaleiding, Lelystad)
  • Enforcement & permits (spatial planning and the environment, excluding safety and the Alcohol and Catering Act)
  • Mobility and infrastructure: bicycle traffic, Public transport, pupil transport & Regiotaxi, infrastructure, Parking
  • Public works, sewerage and water
  • Residual flows and waste
  • Project alderman Grebbedijk
  • Fourth Deputy Mayor

Erik-Jan Bijleveld is a member of GroenLinks.

Unpaid additional functions that are not connected to being an alderman

  • Chairman of the foundation: Links Vastgoed.

Speaking with the alderman

You can request a meeting with the alderman through his secretary: Kim Flierman.
Call (0317) 49 26 70 or send an e-mail to