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Alderman Anne Janssen

Wethouder Anne Janssen

Alderman for Housing & Building, Urban Development, Education & Low Literacy, Sport, Energy Transition Built Environment and Neighbourhood of the Future

  • Housing & Building
  • Project councillor Wijken van de Toekomst (Neighbourhoods of the Future)
  • Making the urban environment more sustainable (incl. energy poverty, transition vision Heat)
  • Education and school accommodations
  • Kind centraal (youth project)
  • Low literacy
  • Sport (including sports venues, swimming pool)
  • Spatial planning
  • Urbanisation strategy
  • Land development
  • 2nd Deputy Mayor

Anne Janssen is a member of PvdA.

Unpaid additional functions that are connected to being an alderman

  • Member of the board of Gelders Genootschap

Speaking with the alderman

You can request a meeting with the alderman through its secretary: Kim Flierman.
Call (0317) 49 26 70 of or send an e-mail to