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Underground containers for non-recyclable waste near the apartments

Over the coming four years, we plan on improving the collection of waste. We will do this is phases. All of the non-recyclable containers near the apartments will be replaced by underground containers. Underground containers are less visible and more neat and they attract fewer rodents because they are sealed off. If necessary, we will also clean up the spot where the paper and plastic containers are currently located. We are currently focusing on the Bovenbuurt neighbourhood.

Where will the underground containers be placed in the Bovenbuurt?

The locations of the underground containers are situated in the following streets (please also see the map below):

  1. Kolkakkerweg parking lot near apartment numbers 13-19
  2. Kolkakkerweg parking lot near apartment numbers 25-27
  3. Dolderstraat between Zeemanstraat and Eykmanstraat
  4. Van ’t Hoffstraat near apartment numbers 11-17
  5. Lorentzstraat at the intersection with Van de Waalstraat
  6. Van der Waalstraat near apartment numbers 30-40
  7. Nobelweg near the football pitch

How are the locations for the underground containers chosen?

Finding a suitable spot is not easy. In looking for a suitable spot, we considered the following aspects:

  • proximity to the residents, also for people who are less mobile
  • accessibility for the garbage trucks
  • traffic safety
  • underground cables, pipes, sewage system
  • trees, both the crown and the roots of trees
  • preserving as many parking spaces as possible
  •  preserving the open greenery and making sure the spot is well-lit

For more information, you can also refer to the 2022 Policy rules for underground non-recyclable containers in Wageningen.

How can I respond to the temporary locations of the underground containers?

The precise locations are listed in the so-called “draft designation decree for underground containers in the Bovenbuurt”. If you did not agree with the decree in regard to one or more locations for the containers, you could submit your point of view until the 29th of November 2022.

The locations for the underground non-recyclable waste containers have not been determined yet. The municipality shall first consider all of the responses received (points of view) and then determine the permanent locations. After that we will install the containers. (February-March).

How do I open the underground containers for non-recyclable waste?

You can open the underground containers free of charge with your waste pass. You should have already received your waste pass by now. This is the same pass you use for the waste dump station. In December, you will also receive a letter that explains the use of the waste pass. If you still do not have a waste pass, you can submit a one-time request for the waste pass free of charge at the ACV by stating “containers Bovenbuurt”. This will be possible for up to ultimately one month after the installation of the underground containers. After that, a new waste pass will cost €15.