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Underground containers for non-recyclable waste near the apartments

Over the coming four years, we plan on improving the collection of waste. We will do this is phases. All of the non-recyclable waste (residual waste) containers near the apartments will be replaced by underground containers. Underground containers look tidier and attract fewer rats and mice because they are sealed. If necessary, we will tidy up the area where the paper and organic waste containers are located. We’ll also check if additional containers for plastic, metal, and drink cartons (PMD) are needed in the neighborhood.

When it’s your neighborhood’s turn, you’ll get a letter from us. It will explain what’s changing and propose new locations for the containers. The containers might end up in a different spot than usual. If you don’t agree with the proposed spots, you can let us know. Only after that, a final decision will be made about the container locations.

It concerns the following neighborhoods:



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