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Request a WOZ value assessment report

The valuation report states how the municipality has determined the WOZ value (Real Estate Valuation Act). Residents and companies can access this report online.

How to access online

For residents

Log in on Mijn Overheid You will need your DigiD to login.
The valuation report can be found under the ‘Living’ header

For companies

Log in on Your username is your assessment number and your password is your assessment amount.

Change in Legal Costs Reimbursement for WOZ Proceedings

Change in Legal Costs Reimbursement for WOZ Proceedings As of 1 January 2024, the Law on Reassessment of Legal Costs Reimbursement for WOZ and bpm comes into effect. Due to this legislative change starting 1 January 2024, legal costs reimbursements may no longer be paid to representatives. Instead, the legal costs reimbursement will now be paid to the involved party. The involved party is responsible for further handling this matter with their representative.

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