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Energy surcharge 2023

The energy surcharge is an allowance for energy costs. The municipality is responsible for implementing this scheme. For the year 2023, the amount paid out is € 800.

Received energy surcharge earlier?

Did you receive € 500 energy surcharge (for 2022) earlier this year? If so, you do not have to do anything. We will check your income. If it turns out that you are entitled to energy surcharge, the municipality will pay you € 800 in December 2023. You will receive a letter about this.

Apply for energy surcharge 2023

Have you not previously received energy surcharge? From January 2024 it is possible to apply for energy surcharge for the year 2023. Applying earlier is therefore not possible. From January 2024, you will find more information on this page.


Students cannot apply for energy surcharge from the municipality. Students living away from home who meet the conditions will be paid the energy surcharge through the Department of Education (DUO).