Move within the Netherlands


If you are going to move to or from Wageningen, you must report this to Public Services. You can arrange this in various ways:

  • Personally at Publiekszaken. Make an appointment.
  • Via DigiD
  • Complete this form and send it with the necessary supporting documents
  • By sending an e-mail to with the scanned supporting documents.

    If you move to another municipality, you must file a declaration in the new municipality.

Time limit for reporting relocation

You must notify your move within four weeks before or no later than five days after your address changes. The date you state as the date of removal on the declaration will be considered the date of removal. Do you only report the move after five days? If so, the declaration date will be recorded as the moving date. Municipalities may impose a fine of up to €325 if you fail to notify important changes on time.


  • Valid identification
  • A purchase or rental contract or
  • In case of habitation/subletting: written consent of the main resident with a copy of his/her identity document. Please note: if the main tenant lives in a dwelling of the Housing Association, we need permission from the Housing Association.

Who makes the declaration

The relocation declaration can be made by

  • You yourself, when you're 16 years and older
  • By parent, guardian or guardian for minor children
  • Cohabiting spouses / registered partners for each other
  • Parents and adult children living together for each other
  • The liquidator for a person placed under guardianship
  • And any other adult duly authorised in writing for that purpose

Your request for a change of address will be dealt with immediately. You will receive a confirmation of this change of address from us.


Publiekszaken, tel. (0317) 49 29 11,

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