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Welcome to Startpunt Wageningen

You can go to the Startpunt with questions about housing, work, care, education and money matters. We are there for young and old. Read more about Startpunt.

About Startpunt Wageningen

Do you have a question about your personal situation? The Startpunt is the first point of contact for questions about care and support, housing, welfare, money matters, work, upbringing and education. We can give you information and advice about your question. But we can also help you arrange care and support if you wish.

The Startpunt is for all inhabitants of Wageningen. Young and old are welcome. You can drop in without an appointment during opening hours. But you can also call, app or send an e-mail with your question.

When can I go?

The reception desk of the Startpunt is open from Monday to Thursday from 9.00-17.00 hrs and on Friday from 9.00-13.00 hrs.   You can drop in without an appointment.


Rooseveltweg 408a, Wageningen.


Telephone: (0317) 41 01 60

WhatsApp: 06 10063526 (not for calling)


What should I do in an emergency?

Sometimes a situation is urgent or dangerous enough to require immediate assistance. Read more about help in an emergency here.

How will I be helped?

How we help you depends on your question. Do you have a simple question? Then we will help you immediately at the counter or by phone. Do you have a more extensive question, for example about arranging care? Then we will be happy to make an appointment with you for a meeting.

How does a meeting go?

The interview takes place at your home, at the Startpunt or at another location. Whatever you prefer. We give information and advice about your question. We will tell you which organisation can help you. Or help you arrange for care. Often, one conversation is enough but sometimes more conversations are necessary.

What happens after the consultation?

You will receive a report of the interview. This contains the agreements made. Is there, after the meeting, help needed for which a decision of the municipality is necessary, for example the Social Support Act or Jeugdhulp? Then the report will be sent to the counsellor who will deal with your request.

More information about the Social Support Act.

More information on Youth can be found here.

Who will help me?

At the Startpunt, employees from various organisations work: the municipality, Solidez, Zideris, RIBW, Opella and MEE-Veluwe. The team has a great deal of knowledge and experience with the various subjects and age groups. In this way, they can help residents with different questions.

Children’s Travelling Book Station

The bookcase in the hall of the Startpunt is almost always full of children’s books. Children can take a book home free of charge after a visit. Come and have a look and take a book with you.

Do you have children’s books that are still good and are no longer being used? We would love to use them for the Children’s Travelling Book Station. You can hand them in at the desk of the Startpunt.