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Portret Open over depressiviteit man

Exhibition OPEN about depression in Wageningen

From the 28th of november until the 27th of december at de Markt

The travelling exhibition OPEN about depression will be on display at de Markt in Wageningen from Monday the 28th of November until Tuesday the 27th of December. We display 30 life-size portraits of Young people, in which they speak out about their mental vulnerabilty. The exhibition is a project by the Open Mind Foundation.

Poster Open about depression

Talking about it openly

Mental health of young people is an important topic to the municipality of Wageningen. One in five young people are affected by depression. Not everyone talks about it. It is particularly difficult for young people. The portraits of the exhibition are displayed de Markt in Wageningen. This is a central location and they are consequently more visible. We hope that this will stimulate young people to talk about mental health. Family members and friends are offered tools to start a conversation.

Portraits of young people

The exhibition was developed by Mirjam Bekker-Stroop (director of Open mind) and Linelle Deunk (photographer). They both watched their daughters struggle with depression. A struggle that is sometimes difficult to overcome. They succeeded. Each in their own way.

Mirjam and Linelle supplemented their knowledge and experience with stories from other young people. They travelled through the Netherlands and created portraits of different young people who have also experienced depression. They recorded their stories. They spoke to beautiful, sensitive, but above all surprisingly strong, young people and learnt a lot.

View the portraits online

You can also view the portraits in the online photo newspaper.

Opening of the exhibition

  • Monday the 28th of November at 15:00 in the afternoon, Alderman Guido van Vulpen will open the exhibition ‘Open about depression’ in Wageningen.
  • Programme from 15:00 until 16:30 o’clock
  • Reception at de Markt with coffee and tea
  • Welcome and explanation of the Wageningen situation and approach, Alderman Guido van Vulpen.
  • Explanation about the origin of the exhibition, Open Mind Foundation
  • Personal story about living through depression, Jesse Vos (portrayed).
  • Mental health students, Door van der Sloot, manager student welfare WUR
  • Recital of poem, town poet Ellen van der Kolk
  • Opening of exhibition
  • Viewing of exhibition and chat with snacks and beverages.
Portret from femail
Potrait man
photographer Linelle Deunk


There are several activities in the city during the period that the exhibition is on display. They also focus on the topic of mental health of young people. The exhibition and the activities in the city were created in cooperation with various organisations.


The following organizations are participating: