Vizier, the hotline against discrimination and bullying

Do you feel discriminated against or bullied? Because you’re allegedly too old, for example, or you don’t look like the rest or you have a handicap? You can do something about this.

Discrimination and bullying are prohibited

Discrimination is treating people unequally on the basis of their features. The law states that everyone must be given equal opportunities. Despite the colour of their skin, a handicap, learning problems, etc. But research has shown that one out of four people living in the Netherlands experiences being discriminated against. It often begins with bullying or teasing, and people aren’t aware of how their comments hurt someone else. By making a report to the Meldpunt Discriminatie en Pesten (Hotline Discrimination and Bullying), you will be helped. By working together to try to resolve the problem. The hotline refers you to the correct form of help if that is necessary.


  • You can report discrimination by phone to Vizier, the hotline against discrimination and bullying. Telephone number 026-3772333
  • You can make a report via the Report form
  • You can also make a report to the Startpunt ( They will put your call on record and send it to the Hotline Discrimination and Bullying for their further assistance.
  • Are you discriminated?. Please contact Vizier.