Swimming in the Rhine is dangerous

When the weather is hot, a lot of people think cooling off in the Rhine is a great idea. But swimming in the Rhine is extremely dangerous! In the past people have drowned in a number of places. Unfortunately, last week again, someone drowned. So pay attention to your safety! 


  • Strong currents can carry you away
  • You can end up in a vortex
  • It is difficult for boats to see you and they are often travelling faster than you think
  • You may be drawn towards the boat by the suction it creates around it
  • You may suddenly lose your footing if there is a deep hole under the water
  • The bottom under the water may shelve steeply and you can suddenly find yourself in deep water
  • If the water is cloudy, it is difficult to see what is under the water and you can injure yourself
  • The water can suddenly be very cold in some places so you are more likely to get cramp and hypothermia.

For more information on the safety and quality of swimming places go to: www.gelderland.nl/zwemwater.