Sustainable living is achievable for everyone

On 2 and 9 November, hospitable homeowners will be opening their sustainable homes to anyone who is interested. This will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to view a wide variety of homes and implemented measures and to hear homeowners’ experiences firsthand.

With the government’s plans to phase out natural gas from all homes, more and more homeowners are searching for information about sustainable and energy-saving applications for their home. Alderman Janssen: “More and more homeowners in Wageningen are thinking about making their homes more sustainable. This can be done, for example, by insulating the home, generating sustainable energy or using sustainable building materials. The Sustainable Homes Route provides a great opportunity for sharing experiences and coming up with new ideas”.

Keep your ears and eyes open

The Sustainable Homes Route is a platform for people who are searching for information about sustainable living. More than 1,300 homeowners have already shared their experiences via This website provides visitors with the opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions online. What’s more, visitors will also be given the opportunity to visit one or more homes on 2 and 9 November, 2019. Those people who will be opening their homes will be happy to talk about how they chose particular measures and how well these work in practice.
In addition to making the home more sustainable and contributing to a better environment and saving money, many of the homeowners’ stories reveal just how much the level of home comfort has increased.


Every experience counts

From 7 October onwards, visitors can register at for a Sustainable Homes Route visit on 2 or 9 November, 2019. Homeowners in Wageningen who also want to share their sustainable living experience can register their home with Chantal Steuten, Both homeowners and visitors will have the chance to win a weekend break in Belgium.


A fresh perspective

The National Sustainable Homes Route is now in its seventh year and is expecting many visitors again this year. In 2018, more than 500 homeowners opened their doors and more than 5,000 people visited a sustainable home. It is expected that these numbers will continue to rise this year. Last year a large number of residences on the Sustainable Homes Route were fully booked. We therefore recommend that people register on time.