Geert van Rumund to stay on as mayor

Geert van Rumund will remain mayor of Wageningen for a longer period. He has postponed his retirement until 1 June 2021. His decision is an important contribution to stability in Wageningen in an uncertain period. In addition, the town council will be able to look for the best possible successor and no acting mayor will be needed. Due to the corona crisis, the procedures for appointing mayors have been suspended throughout the Netherlands.


Rien Bor, acting chair of the municipal council and chair of the confidential committee that will prepare the appointment procedure on behalf of the council: “We are living in special times, tense and uncertain. Consequently, Wageningen now needs stable management. It is clear that there are many challenges ahead of us. This is why the town council has asked the mayor if he would be willing to postpone his retirement for a while. On behalf of the entire town council, I want to emphasise that we greatly appreciate our mayor’s decision to contribute to stability in these uncertain times. This is the best for all of Wageningen!”

For residents
Mayor Geert van Rumund: “I am very fond of Wageningen and its residents. That is why I announced my planned retirement, which would have become effective on 1 November 2020, at an early date. As a result, there would have been enough time to find my successor. What is happening to us now has turned this idea, and especially our whole town and the lives of all of our residents, completely upside down. Because I do not want to abandon our wonderful town in such an uncertain period, I am going to remain mayor until 1 June 2021. By then the situation will hopefully be more peaceful and stable again. Then the town council can devote its full attention to its search and Wageningen will get the successor that it deserves.”

The appointment procedure for a new mayor of Wageningen had just begun. The first steps were taken last week when residents could answer an online questionnaire to indicate what sort of mayor they wanted. The results of this questionnaire will be saved and the town council will process this information later this year when writing the text to describe the position to be filled.