Extra support for independent entrepreneurs in relation to the coronavirus

Temporary income support will be made available to independent entrepreneurs with a viable business who temporarily find themselves in difficulty because of the coronavirus. This arrangement also applies to ZZP’ers (people who are self-employed without other employees). The arrangement is based on the existing Bzb (Decision on assistance for independent businesses), but it will be processed and paid out more quickly. The arrangement is retroactively effective as of 1 March 2020.

Supplemental benefit and loan for operating capital

The arrangement allows you as an entrepreneur to request support in the form of supplemental benefit for your livelihood and/or a loan for operating capital. This regulation has more flexible conditions at the moment, because of the unique situation in which the Netherlands finds itself.


The regulation has just been announced by the ministry and is now being further developed. As of Monday 23 March, you as an entrepreneur can request supplemental benefit for your livelihood. You can do so via the website of the municipality of Ede, because this municipality is implementing the regulation for Wageningen. You can also find further information on www.ede.nl.