Extra parking spaces for bikes in the centre

In consultation with shops, municipal authorities have created temporary extra parking spaces for bicycles.

This will help to reduce the number of cyclists in the city centre and make it easier to maintain the required 1.5 m distance. Many consumers cycle to the city centre, which we encourage because it’s much better than coming by car. However, these bicycles are often parked on the shopping streets, which leaves less space for shoppers to keep a 1.5 m distance from one another. After consulting with shopkeepers, municipal authorities have therefore created parking spaces for about 1000 extra bicycles. For the next six weeks, visitors to the city centre can park their bicycles there. In addition, there are posters on shop windows asking people not to cycle in Hoogstraat. You can use the extra parking spaces for bicycles as of right now. They are located just outside the city centre and at the Markt. There are signs showing you how to reach them.