Expansion of Popular Incentive Loan for Sustainable Homes

As of January 2020, the popular incentive loan to make homes more sustainable has been revamped and expanded. With the new ‘Toekomstbestendig Wonen Gelderland’ (Future-proof Homes Gelderland) loan, private homeowners can now take out an attractive loan to make their home a ‘lifetime home’, as well as to remove asbestos. The new loan facility has also been expanded to provide eligibility for the elderly and for people on low incomes.


The Future-proof Homes loan enables Wageningen residents to borrow money on favourable terms for a wide range of energy measures in the home, such as insulation, solar panels and heat pumps. Some homeowners are even renovating their homes to make them completely non-reliant on natural gas. Under the old scheme, loan applications were rejected because of the regular age limit and credit test. The new scheme includes four different types of loan, which means more opportunities for people on modest incomes and for those who are too old to borrow from a regular bank.

 “The sustainability of our housing stock is very important if we are to achieve our climate goals,” said Alderman Peter de Haan. “Offering attractive funding for these measures makes it easier for people to take this step. Repayment is often achieved simply through savings on energy bills. It’s a pity that applications have sometimes been rejected for reasons such as age. With these new types of loan, that obstacle has now been removed!”

Another new development is that residents can apply for an attractive loan to make their home a lifetime home or for asbestos removal. This allows them to prepare their home for the future, to make it a sustainable lifetime home.

The province is putting 50 percent into the fund from which the loans are granted, and the municipality the other 50 percent. The Future-proof Homes loan allows homeowners to take out a loan for:

– energy measures to make homes more sustainable

– asbestos removal, provided that there is at least one energy-saving measure, and

– renovations to the home, allowing people to stay in their home for longer.


More information:

For more information and to apply for a loan, residents can visit the website www.wageningenwoontduurzaam.nl