Compensation scheme for higher Vitens bills will be announced soon

This year, Vitens will begin imposing a new tax on residents and businesses: this is the municipal sufferance tax, which is a tax on cables and pipes that run under municipal ground. Residents and businesses will notice the inclusion of this amount on their annual statement from Vitens. The municipal council decided in July that all residents with a minimum income who were required to pay this tax would be compensated in full. The municipality is shortly due to start working out the scheme in more detail and will publish this information as soon as the scheme has been finalised.


Only residents with a minimum income will qualify

The compensation scheme will only be open to residents with an income of up to 130% of the applicable social security standard. The council will announce how these people can apply to the scheme within the next few weeks. An announcement will then be made via the information page in the newspaper and on the municipal website Other residents and businesses may not take part in the scheme.


Municipal sufferance tax

Municipal sufferance tax is the tax that utility companies (gas, light and electricity) are required to pay on cables and pipes that run under municipal ground. Wageningen municipal council introduced this tax in 2015. Vitens are required to pay the tax from 2016 up until 2021. The drinking water company has chosen to impose this tax on its customers in 2019, 2020 and 2021.