Are you planning on moving to Wageningen? Here is some information to get you started.

First of all, think about where you are going to live. Do you want to move into a student home, rent privately or buy?

Student accommodation

Are you going to be a first-year student and are you looking for a place to stay? You can find more information about how to find a room, when to start looking for a room and which organisations can help you.

Who can help me?

When you are going to be a student it is hard to find a room. Often you live far away from Wageningen which means you cannot come over easily to search for a room. In that case it is very handy to have a contact in Wageningen, who will keep an eye out for you. Ask your friends if they know anybody who already studies in Wageningen. Tell everybody that you are looking for a room in Wageningen, the more people know, the better!

Mediation Agencies

There is one mediation agency in Wageningen, namely the HousingDesk. This Student Organisation mediates between students and other young people on the one hand, and on the other hand individuals who have a room for rent. This mediation is free of charge.

Accommodation Organisations

Idealis is an organisation especially for students. They have approximately 4.500 rooms, divided over 14 buildings. You can apply for one of these rooms by registering. You probably already received an application form. If you do not have an application form you can request one with the department of  Residential affairs.

Wageningen room sublets

Wageningen Room Sublets is a Facebookgroup for international students in Wageningen who want to sublet their room or find a sublet room. 


More information

Check local newspapers for advertisements:




Rental Properties

Rental properties are distributed via http://www.huiswaarts.nu/ (please note this website is only available in Dutch). You can contact this organisation via e-mail: info@huiswaarts.nu or phone: 0900-7322843 (€ 0,10 per minute).

Properties for Sale

Check the different estate agents in Wageningen to buy your own home. They can inform you about the different mortgage options, grants and loans.

  • Barten Tiemessen Era Makelaars
  • Breunissen Makelaars
  • Jansen-van den Berg Investments
  • Jeltes Ten Hoor
  • Mobach Makelaardij
  • Regio Makelaars Neder-Rijn


For more information, please contact the department of Spatial planning.