Mayor calls for support for playground campaign

The swimming pool at Speeltuin Tuindorp is in need of an update. Volunteers and members of the Vereniging Speeltuin Tuindorp association have therefore launched a campaign to pay for the renovation costs. Donors can purchase a symbolic swimming pool tile for just €5, along with a certificate of ownership. Mayor Geert van Rumund and his wife Corrie van Rumund are members of the Comité van Aanbeveling van Speeltuin Tuindorp (recommendation committee for the Tuindorp playground). They are calling on all Wageningen residents to support the campaign. "Speeltuin Tuindorp is an important playground and meeting place for many locals. The swimming pool is an important part of this, which is why I support the campaign and call for everyone to buy one or more tiles for €5 apiece. Every little bit will help reach the €50,000 target."



Donors interested in making a financial contribution can pay in cash or via debit card at the playground. It is also possible to transfer money to account number NL12INGB0002659738, attn. Speeltuin Tuindorp, stating the word 'tegeltje' ('tile') in the description.

The name of the account holder and the date of payment will be included on the certificate of ownership, which can be collected from the playground after proof of payment.


Speeltuin Tuindorp

Speeltuin Tuindorp was built in 1954 and has since become an important meeting place in Wageningen, where visitors can swim and play. Various activities are organised each year. For more information, visit