Financial contribution for green schoolyards

All of the primary schools in Wageningen are eligible to receive a maximum of €5,000 to make their schoolyards greener by, for example, planting trees or shrubs, creating a water recreation facility or making a vegetable garden.  

A green schoolyard offers children a more challenging play area and brings them into contact with nature. And since many schoolyards are open to the public, the children in surrounding neighbourhoods will also be able to enjoy them. Other advantages are that a green schoolyard is a cooling factor on warm days, and rainwater can be used more effectively if there is less concrete.

Alderman Dennis Gudden: “In the municipality’s Green Policy Plan we have made green schoolyards a spearhead. Not only because this is good for nature and the climate, but it’s especially good for the children. Many schools that have already started find themselves confronted with high costs. That’s why we want to help them.”

Het Groene Wiel [The Green Wheel] can support the schools in planning a green schoolyard and applying for the funds. All of the schools in Wageningen will soon receive a letter with more information and the related terms and conditions.